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You can find metal parts in everywhere as industrial fileds, automobile industrial, chemical industrial etc. Different Metal parts has the different method for production, normally the processes including Hot forming processes,Cold forming processes,Sheet metal processes , The Hot forming processes such as: Die casting, Sand casting, extrusion, forging,powder metallurgy,Cold Forming Processes such as: Cold rolling, Staking, Burnishing, Impact extrusion etc.Sheet Metal Processes such as:Laser cutting,CNC Fabrication, bending, Stamping,welding etc.After these processes most of the metal parts need to be machining ,including Drilling, Reaming, Turning,Milling,Grinding,chip Formation, Etc. Also some of the metal part after machining it needs Heat,treatments and surface treatment,the Heat treatments including Annealing,Tempering,Direct Hardening,Selective Hardening, Stress Relieving,And the surface treatment including Electroplating. Electroless Plating, Coversion coating. Thin-film coating Thermal spraying. High energy Treatments etc.

Few manufacturers could finished all the processes by themselves,some of the manufacturer could only make Hot and cold forming processes,and some of them could make machining only,and some of them could make surface treat and heat treatment only. So it will be very important for the customers to choose a good supplier who well know all of this processes,and treatment, and these supplier must know each process well,and know the foreign standard,foreign language.

At Seewell you just need to send us your drawings and details,and the rest job will finished at our company, good quality with reasonable price will be found.

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